FaceTime is officially coming to Android and Windows


FaceTime will no longer be exclusive to the iPhone, iPad, and Apple’s other products. The company has announced during its WWDC keynote that the app will be made available on the web, which means users on the Android and Windows platforms can use the video conferencing tool.

With Apple setting it open to users outside its walled garden, FaceTime will become a Zoom alternative for remote learning, work-from-home setups, and other video conferencing needs.

New features will also be introduced to the app, including voice isolation, spatial audio support, background blurring, grid view, and the ability to create shareable invitation links so a host can create scheduled calls.

Also notable is a new feature called SharePlay, which allows people to simultaneously listen to songs or stream videos from streaming services.

So far, Apple hasn’t given an exact date when FaceTime becomes available to Android and Windows, but there’s an expectation that it might happen later this year.

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