The year 2020 is truly a start of an era that many will remember as the turning point that leads to the so-called “new normal.” While this meant many things, including the need for social distancing, limited social interactions, and wearing masks when going outdoors, for most people, it can be as serious as getting laid off from work and having to look for a feasible job from at home. 

If you are among the unlucky many who was forced to unemployment as a result of companies choosing to downsize in response to the economic downturn that the pandemic brought, it might be a scary disposition. But as frightening as the idea of not having a stable source of income, it does present an opportunity that many tend to overlook—making a living at home is still a viable option. 

The idea of a work from home (WFH) might be a scary concept itself, especially if you’re used to the comforts that comes in the corporate world. However, its very idea is feasible as it has been the bread-and-butter of millions of people who dabble in the gig economy as well as remote work setup.

List of websites for work from jobs

Here are the top 10 best platforms to go to, if you’re seeking work in a WFH structure:

#1 Craigslist


When people hear of Craigslist, they either see it as a platform similar to eBay or not ring a bell about it at all. However, for a platform that claims itself as an online classified advertisement, this space has everything that revolves around commerce, including a plethora of jobs that can be done remotely at home. 

While it is not guaranteed that the job ads posted in Craigslist are all legit, some actually are and is a home to some of the most humane clients you will come across. 


#2 Freeup


Freeup is among the most trusted platform out there. With a stiff screening process that essentially separates the wheat from the chaff, this platform is hardly a place where frauds come from. Although for employers, this would mean a venue where the most trustworthy workers can be found; for the jobseekers, on the other hand, it makes for a lucrative platform where some of the best-paying clients are at.


#3 Mediabistro


If you are looking to join a workforce from among the most established companies, whose brands you are probably already seeing online, one great platform to consider would be Mediabistro. 

There are not that many remote jobs to be found in this platform, to be honest. But despite the scarcity is a great opportunity to become a part of the world class brands in those jobs that are fully remote by nature.


#4 Indeed


Think of Indeed as the international version of Jobstreet or any other local job portal—therefore, more expansive and offers thousands of opportunities to people. As a hub for all things job, this platform probably has everything from all corners of the world, including jobs that allow for telecommute. 

However, much like in the real world, the main disadvantage that comes with being in a platform with worldwide renown is that competition can be stiff, even for the experienced applicants. 


#5 UpWork


Upwork is among the most popular platform out there among freelancers or those who simply prefer working at home in general. Essentially a fusion of two of the most respected platforms of their kind, Elance and oDesk, Upwork is a more robust and more trustworthy platform for both jobseekers and clients alike.

Finding a job or a gig at Upwork requires a trade-off now, however. Whereas early in the years after the merger that applying for work in the platform is completely free and is limited only to a number of times a person can apply in a month, based on allocated connects; nowadays, applicants must purchase such “connects” to apply for a job after using the free ones that the platform gives for newcomers. 




As a platform dedicated mostly for Filipino workers, has built a reputation among Pinoys as one of the most accessible platforms out there for potential jobs in the internet space. Whether you are looking for long-term employment, a side hustle, or a project-based preoccupation, this job portal has it all, coming from employers from literally anywhere in the world. 

More than just being a source of potential employment for jobseekers, has a committed and dedicated customer support, too, which help guarantee everyone a fair environment, especially concerning pay. 


#7 Outsourcely


If you are in the lookout for a platform that does not take a cut from jobseekers’ pay, then Outsourcely should definitely be at the top of your list. Jobseekers will also find Outsourcely a lovely platform as well due to its level of transparency about potential clients via their visible profile details. 


#8 Freelancer


Probably not in the same level of greatness as UpWork as a similar platform, but it you are seeking for a decent platform to make money from at home, then Freelancer should be part of the list. While the platform itself has its fair share of controversy, it simply has a mixed reception to say the least, coming from both sides of the spectrum. 


#9 HomeJobs


If the name of this platform is not telling enough, then you are in for a surprise—this is one where many work from home jobs can be found. Created by Filipinos for the Pinoy workers, both locally and abroad, HomeJobs is the ideal place for clerical workers that can perform their roles at the desk of their own homes. 




Filipinos are definitely world class when it comes to delivering work and can compete with even the best in the world. But while some of these “bests” are probably making their names in traditional employment, others can also be found in platforms like 

As a platform dedicated to bridging a connection between local talents and the demand from overseas, is a go to by clients from abroad for affordable, yet quality job results. You could become part of its overall pool of labor, too.


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