Do you miss your office? This website recreates office noise as you work from home

Image | Manny Pantoja via Unsplash

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced us to work from home.

It’s no secret that most people really despise going to work. You always have to wake up early, endure the daily commute, and other hassle that comes with it. But you must admit, you miss the ambient noise of being inside an office.

Image | Damir Kopezhanov via Unsplash

Us tech bloggers are used to being in self-isolation. We mostly work from home, and mostly interact with colleagues through work chat platforms like Microsoft Teams.

But there are just times where it gets lonely and having Spotify or Netflix playing in the background just won’t cut it anymore. Especially for someone who started their career working in an office.

So for us who oddly miss the office setting, there’s an aptly named website called to mend our longingness.

How it works is pretty simple. You go to their website, hit the play button on the bottom left, and start working as it plays ambient office noise in the background.


You can also adjust the number of colleagues that the sound will mimic. You can dial it to 1 up to 10.

The cool part is, there’s an animation displayed that’s dynamic to whatever number of colleagues you choose. Plus, you can click on each office appliance (i.e keyboard, water dispenser, photocopy machine) and it will play their respective sound effects on queue.



I tried switching it on with 10 colleagues and it did recreate the noise you usually here in an office setting. From people typing on keyboards (even typewriters), getting a drink from the water dispenser, playing ping-pong against the wall, phones ringing, someone eating chips, and of course, people chatting — plus a few other more.


This work from home project was made by the Kids Creative Agency and is accessible for free via the website.

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  1. We work from home at the beginning of the quarantine, and I have long equipped my work area, along with an ergonomic table and chair, furnished with plants and office fencing. I set up a full-fledged office at home, so I didn’t even have time to miss the office :)