Is your workplace situation requiring you and your team to work from home? Consider using Microsoft Teams for your online communication and collaboration. Learning these 60+ Microsoft Teams keyboard shortcuts can even help you perform online tasks faster. 

So, why choose Microsoft Teams? For one, it has a whole array of productivity features your team can use, including third-party app integration, file sharing, chat and video calling. For another, it works seamlessly with other Microsoft Office apps such as Word and Excel. That means you can customize Teams to fit your liking and needs is also a huge plus. And most importantly, it comes bundled with the new Microsoft 365.

But of course, there’s some getting used to and familiarizing needed in order to make the most of the app, which is why mastering the Microsoft Teams keyboard shortcuts is a must.


To help you get around and move between different parts of the Microsoft Teams user interface, keyboard shortcuts for navigation are available. With a simple press of a few keys, you can go to different tabs for activities, chat, calls, files and others. There’s also a shortcut to activate search.

Always using your mouse to get around can take time and effort, and both these things should be better spent on the actual work itself. Other keyboard shortcuts in Microsoft Teams are available for quicker interactions in messaging and calls. For instance, you can use your keyboard to start, accept, and decline a video or audio call. You can also toggle the full screen mode to eliminate other distractions on your screen. 

A list of all the important Microsoft Teams keyboard shortcuts is found below. If your work team (or even study group, because Teams can be used for school, too) has ultimately decided to use Teams as its main tool for collaboration, printing a copy of these keyboard shortcuts is highly recommended.

Microsoft Teams Web Keyboard Shortcuts


Microsoft Teams App Keyboard Shortcuts


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