Microsoft surprised both its existing and past subscribers with the announcement of Microsoft 365 Personal and Family plans, a newly-designed & advanced consumer subscription plan. This will replace the current Office 365 plans that are being offered since 2014 to reach out to more audiences among schools, universities, households, and businesses across the globe.

For as low as Php349 monthly payment for personal use, you can get all the best features of the Microsoft Office applications, communications software, safety assets, premium plagiarism checks, and presenter coach structures on the 21st of April, 2020. A Family Plan is also offered for Php469 per month that can cater up to six persons for every subscription.

Two new features will roll out gradually once an existing customer subscribes to the newly-offered plans after its start date.


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First is the branded Microsoft Family Safety software that is just being offered for Microsoft devices. The second feature is the team Microsoft software that is just being rolled for businesses since 2014. Thus, the two new Microsoft 365 Personal and Family subscription plans can also have all the features that modern businesses have.

The enhanced Family Safety software allows families to have their locations shared across all devices subscribed to the new Microsoft 365 plans. Your screen time can now be managed on the new plan for every device. Devices can also receive and send notifications whenever a member of the family or any subscribed device every time they leave the house to go for work, school, or any location. It works as simple as the Find My application of Apple that will enable the sharing of locations across multiple devices.

The Microsoft Teams for the new Microsoft 365 subscription not only features the VoIP communication access for clients through Skype. It will now feature the sharing of to-do lists, gallery contents, Word / Excel / PowerPoint files, or even call & chat history on all devices. You can now gain access to each pertinent file when you are engaged with the person on a call or in a chat. Even if you are on a group chat or conference video call, you can also connect and do the same action.

Microsoft has made these features integrated into just two Microsoft 365 subscriptions for those who plan social plan trips or organize club meetings. However, they do not plan to replace the regular Skype app, but plans to integrate all Microsoft features in just one platform. Everything will be available or preview early summer or before the next school year begins as the company also targets for students for their project collaborations.


If you are a current subscriber for the existing Microsoft Office 365 plan, you can get instant access to the new MS Office features as it will transition to the new Microsoft 365 plan. One of the most anticipated features is the advanced editing feature for Microsoft Word which will do more than the old spelling check and grammar suggestions features. It will now instantly flag various wordings that you use frequently and suggest the best phrases to use for a better outlook of your writing.

Furthermore, once you plan to switch to the new Microsoft 365 subscription, you will see a plain view of progressive grammar styles in the form of a dropdown guide. You can now either rewrite a phrase or a whole sentence and even the entire paragraph from these recommendations. Ultimately, you will now have an instant plagiarism checkers without installing any third-party software. It will also let you create citations for students or any writer.  

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