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How to make your new Facebook News Feed show the “most recent” posts


Facebook has never failed its mission to constantly redefine the meaning of a social media platform. Its newly-designed dark mode interface makes us want to use the platform more often with its attractively aesthetic look. However, that’s not it. You might not have noticed that the new design will let you arrange your feeds chronologically with the so-called ‘Most Recent’ option.

On the previous timeline, you are allowed to sort your Facebook feeds from the most recent to your preferred ones. You can do this by going to the dropdown on the left part of the menu. Now, the updated version will allow your access to the icons on your News Feed on the top of your device screen.

This means that you don’t have to go to the Home menu to access your preferred News Feed design. The main advantage of this feature is that you will get a curated version of all your Facebook feeds in strictly chronological order.  

Facebook developers have placed the “Most Recent” option on a separate window as the design is on its testing stage. This may not have been officially announced by Facebook so it can be considered a little hack for all the clever users.

The usual setup of Facebook before doing any adjustments is the “Top Stories” appear by default. But by clicking on the “Most Recent” option on the left sidebar of the new Facebook design, it will now show the latest posts from family, friends, and pages.



The revamped user interface should be available for all users in the second half of 2020, according to some reports. Confirmed or not, this will be a great help for all who use the platform for online selling, promotion, and advertisements.

With Facebook’s redesigned platform, the process should be done through a desktop browser for its first implementation.

If you are the lucky Facebook user, you will see the “Switch to New Facebook” notification once you log back in. Select this option and click the drop-down menu located on the upper right corner of the user interface. It is said that once you have switched to this new user interface, you will no longer be allowed to switch back to its old version before the new design will be officially launched.


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