People liked it for being able to give them instant updates regarding the people or events they’re concerned with. Others hated it for its rather spammy nature that, more often than not, show the bad side of those in their network as much as their good. 

While likers and fans will not even consider entertaining the idea of removing the live notifications from either their Facebook or Instagram account, it is obviously the normal people who would do anything in their power just to stop their social media network of choice from giving them unwanted updates.

Fortunately, there is a way in which you can separate yourself from this unwanted feature should you personally find it distasteful.

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Turning Off Facebook Live Notifications

Facebook understands that the Live Notifications is not for everybody so they were not hesitant to give the option to toggle it to “off” when needed. To do so, simply follow this method:

Step 1: Launch the Facebook application on your smartphone.

Step 2: Tap on the Settings icon (do not be surprised to find this icon to be moving around per every update of the app. The developers at Facebook have a habit of relocating this icon at any newer place on-screen).

Step 3: Scroll down a bit and when you come across the Notifications, tap on it.

Step 4:From the Notifications Settings, choose Live Video.

Step 6: From there, choose to toggle off “Allow Notifications on Facebook”.

Optionally, if you are still keen in the idea of getting notifications via other means apart from the phone, choose to enable the “Push” option below.

Following all that, with the exception of the last step, you should already be free from Facebook’s rather pesky feature for good.

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Turning Off Instagram Live Notifications

Since the acquisition by Facebook, Instagram incorporated social media elements that are found in it in the former. Intuitively, one of those features include is the annoying Live Notifications.

Unlike Facebook, however, there is no way to disable this feature on an individual basis. Meaning, you either leave it enabled or set it to “off” for everybody in your connections.

If you are inclined at going for the latter, here’s how you could disable Live Notifications in Instagram:

Step 1: Open Instagram.

Step 2: Head to the Settings (it should be symbolized by the gear or three dots, around the top-right corner of your profile) and then tap on Push Notifications.

Step 3: Scroll your way to the very bottom and simply turn Live Notifications to “off.”

Annoying notifications = Gone

Given how easy it is to set Live Notifications to either “on” or “off,” there should not be much problem with it for anybody. However, not everyone knows how to do it. In fact, a lot of my friends tend to turn it off on a per post basis, which is definitely more time consuming than doing it once.

So, should you reconsider re-enabling the Live Notifications out of any valid reason, feel free to retrace back the procedure you followed and ultimately reverse the setting. Again, if you have any questions regarding this tutorial, feel free to drop a comment below so we can help you out.

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