Ever since Apple rolled out the beta version of its mobile operating system with iOS 14, a handful of irregularities among popular apps were revealed due to the system’s more robust design. This includes social media application like Instagram secretly activating the device’s camera from the background.

The suspicion comes from a number of iOS users who noticed their devices’ green light indicator being active simply when just scrolling across their feeds when using Instagram. An event that should only be happening when users are either taking a photo or shooting a video. Thus, implying that the app is rather illicitly accessing camera functionality, almost unwitting to the user.

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In the company’s defense, a spokesperson claims to The Verge that the issue is merely a bug, thereby offsetting the idea of spying among its users. The bug is pointed out in the issue when the system is misinterpreting the correlation between Instagram’s “Create Mode” feature and its inherent need for camera functionality. 

In addition to the aforementioned, merely swiping into the camera from the feed also triggers a similar response from the device, said the spokesperson.

In other words, Instagram insists that the issue presented is nothing more than a bug as the device’s camera access still remains on user’s control. 

While those statements may hold water, it pays to take such statement with a grain of salt. In the meantime, users can choose to revoke camera access from Instagram until the company fixes the “bug.” 

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