Facebook sees its own social media platform as a “happy” place for users. After all, what are the chances of people posting unhappy images in a tightly-knit environment such as social websites like Facebook when the enduring culture does otherwise. Hardly do you see anyone in this platform to be pouting or generally sad. 

The notion is seemingly true that Facebook itself is not hesitant in bringing up memories that it thinks may be a catalyst for nostalgia but only end up dredging unwanted recollections.

It could be a former intimate partner or somebody whom you just had a bad experience with. There is simply that one person or people whose photographs we no longer want to see, lest we feel bad about ourselves.

Yet, no other feature in Facebook perhaps does this blunder than its “On This Day” feature which digs up events from the past and brings it up again for the user to recall — for good or bad.


So, okay, Facebook will probably be thinking that, if the person is such a negative to anyone, then why are they still connected in the social media? Well, that’s probably already the human aspect of the people in the social media. Or, in other words — it is complicated.


Save yourself the unpleasant feeling by heading to, click on Preferences, and choose to filter whoever individual or people you would not want to be reminded of in the future.


That’s it! After doing the steps above, you will no longer be pestered with annoying memories you don’t even want to remember.

If you have any questions regarding this tutorial, let us know and we’ll help you out.

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