The new iPhone 15 Pro and 15 Pro Max have been announced with an all-new Titanium design that makes it tougher and lighter, a new A17 Pro chip that can handle PC games, and a flexible set of cameras.

Do you fancy getting one? The iPhone 15 Pro and 15 Pro Max have a starting price of Php70,990 and Php84,990, respectively. If you’re well off and can purchase one right away, good for you. But what if you’re a workingman making an average wage? How many days should you work to afford the latest Pro models? Picodi has the answer.


According to new data from Numbeo, the average salary in the Philippines is Php18,744.39 net per month. Meanwhile, the iPhone 15 Pro 128GB costs Php70,990.

Doing the math, Picodi says that an average Filipino will have to work 79.5 man-days to get the base model iPhone 15 Pro, and that’s if all the money earned is kept just for this purpose.

On the upside, Picodi says that the total of man-days required has dropped by 11.4 days compared to last year, despite the same price tag between iPhone generations. See the comparison below from the past 6 years.

YearNumber of days Filipinos have to work to afford an iPhone
202379.5 days
202290.9 days
202190.2 days
202088.2 days
201996.2 days
2018156.6 days

Compared to the rest of the world, the Philippines is the second worst. The longest one is Türkiye, where its nationals will have to work 123.7 days to afford the iPhone 15 Pro 128GB. The Philippines is just below Brazil (66.6 days) and India (55.9 days).

Topping the list is Switzerland, where its people only need to work 4.2 days to afford the new iPhone. It is followed by the United States (5.3 days), Australia (6.3 days), Luxembourg (6.5 days), and Singapore (6.7 days).

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