Foodpanda Philippines has released an official statement regarding the recent complaints it got from its merchants, riders, and customers.

This is after a Facebook post from a small business named Mama Dith trended online, which accuses Foodpanda Philippines of delaying remittances, unreasonable charges, and some riders sharing the low cut they get on deliveries.

In a statement pertaining to Mama Dith’s post, Foodpanda apologized as they have “made shortcomings in giving them the kind of service that they themselves give to their own customers.”

The food delivery service explained that the delayed remittances to Mama Dith’s were caused by human error “in the updating of bank information.”

To prevent such errors from happening again, Foodpanda said that they have already put additional steps and safeguards in their process. The company also said that they are currently reviewing their vendor, customer, and rider service processes to ensure a timely response to the concerns being sent to them.

You can read the full statement below.


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