Three armed robbers got away with Php1 million worth of gadgets from a consumer electronics store in Marikina.

As caught via outdoor surveillance, the three arrived on motorcycles and entered the store with unfurled white sacks and their faces obscured by motorcycle helmets and masks.

Per an employee’s account of the event, the robbers were initially thought to be customers as they casually strolled into the store. But shortly after they threatened the store assistants at gunpoint and demanded to hand over the valuable items.

The robbers also coerced the employee to show where the indoor CCTV system was set up to disable it and steal its network video recorder.

No one was physically injured during the incident. As the robbers ransacked the place, the employees were forced to huddle in one corner.

Within fifteen minutes, the robbers were able to leave with their sacks packed with boxes of goods. They took 19 laptops and five tablets, among others.

Police investigation is still ongoing.

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