Google Meet free unlimited video call extended until June


Google introduced its Google Meet video calling feature last April 2020 to aid people who are forced to work at home.

As an initial offer, the Google Meet video call feature was unlimited for free for a limited time. This special offer was supposed to end on September 30, where a 60-minute limit will be imposed to free plan users. However, it was moved until March 2021.

The initial extension was Google being considerate as most people still can’t be with their families during the holiday season due to the global health crisis.

Now, Google announced that it’d been moved again until June 30, 2021. This means that free users can still host video calls for up to 24 hours.

This time, Google hasn’t provided us with a reason. But knowing that most countries, especially in the Philippines, are still having lockdowns intermittently, I guess the intention was clear.

It’s nice to get a free unlimited service like this, but let’s hope Google won’t have the same reason to extend it again in June.

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