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Google Meet free plan users will be limited to 60-minute sessions starting September 30


After a successful launch which lets Google users conduct virtual meetings without any limit via Google Meet, the company behind the service—Google—is giving its users until September 30, 2020, to enjoy the premium service.

Past that point, every Google Meet user under the free subscription program will be limited to just 60-minute sessions.

In the meantime, under the extension of the promo, anyone can engage in using Google Meet for up to 100 other individuals without any imposed restrictions.

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To coincide the change due with the Google Meet service, the tech company also announces a significant change with the Google Suite, including the version targeted for Education consumers, which will see its advanced features removed from the system.

In addition, the Google Suite will also see the removal of substantial communication features such as live streaming with up to 100,000 viewers in a single domain, meetings with up to 250 people, and the option to save meeting recordings to Google Drive—paid for features that were exclusive to “Enterprise” users who pay $25/month for access.

Via: The Verge

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