What do you find when you search your full name on Google? Most likely, the results enumerate your Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and other social media accounts. And then there’s also some random links mentioning other people with the same name.

But what if you can have a dedicated search result panel about you when someone queries your full name? Google has a new feature for that called People Card.

The new People Card feature is like those dedicated knowledge panels in Google’s search results you find when you look up celebrities and well-known people. With your own search result card, you can display your personal information like your full name, your job title, current address, phone number, links to social media, and others.

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Creating your People Card is simple:

Step 1: Visit Google and sign in.

Step 2: Search with the following query: “add me to Search”.

Step 3: Click Get Started. 

Step 4; Fill out the information you want to make public.

Step 5: Click Preview. Click Save when you are done.

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Worth noting is you should only submit personal information that you are comfortable of making public. You can, for instance, opt not to display your phone number, although Google will still require it for authentication for each new card. If you’re actually against the idea of making your information available on Google, this guide has you covered.

For now, the People Card feature in Google Search is only available in India.  But should it succeed and gain popularity, the feature will likely see a global rollout.

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