A prominent social media game about planting and raising crops, FarmVille, is finally shutting down after more than a decade of active service to Facebook users.

In a Facebook post that seeks to spread the awareness to its loyal users, FarmVille explains why the game is leaving for good. The issue primarily boiling down to Adobe’s dropping support of the Flash Player as well as Facebook’s commitment to no longer support Flash games beginning next year.

As a game that is heavily reliant in Flash technology, FarmVille is seeing future obsolescence as a result of two critical companies’ decision to ditch a now-aging and soon-irrelevant technology.


FarmVille was first introduced into the world back in 2009, which hooked many Facebook users for its simple yet engaging gameplay about farming. While can be played completely free, the game also features micro transaction of which, itself, is getting shut ahead of FarmVille’s imminent permanent closure. Players can, therefore, still purchase in-game stuff until November 17, 2020.

FarmVille will officially close on December 31, 2020—the same day that Facebook is pulling the plug on Flash games in its social media platform.

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