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Online classes suspended due to anticipated internet maintenance


Following an expected technical maintenance of submarine cables in Hong Kong from September 25 to 30, several academic institutions in the country have decided to suspend online classes until next week.

The decision comes despite many internet service providers’ guarantee that their own respective services will not be affected arising from the upkeep. 

Universities such as Far Eastern University (Manila, Makati, and Cavite), Asian College (Quezon City), Malayan Colleges (Laguna), Assumption College (Davao), and Technological University of the Philippines will only issue asynchronous (not real-time) classes arising from the issue.

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Meanwhile, UST’s Faculty of Engineering is altogether suspending classes, both synchronous and asynchronous, similar to the Saint Louis University (Baguio). 

On the other hand, the Faculty of Arts and Letters claims will only hold asynchronous classes at the minimal level.

In their own separate statements, big internet service providers such as Globe, PLDT/Smart, Sky Cable, and Converge have said that consumers will not experience any adverse effect with the event.

Sky Cable was particularly vocal in referring to a backup system designed specifically to offset any hindrance coming from technical issues with the underwater cables. A notion which, alone, justifies the claim of Philippine internet users becoming seemingly unaffected by the incident.  

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