Known for its discomforting measure that could hamper the chances of people taking the test for themselves, a Singaporean company is taking measure that will improve the experience of taking COVID-19 testing by simplifying and automating the process. 

Via a technology which the company calls SwabBot, patients undergoing the test simply places their nostrils onto swab stick-containing disposable plastic nose pieces that gather specimen from the nasal passageway.

With automation in mind, the SwabBot reacts automatically to human presence via its well-placed sensors that render human assistance less likely during an actual procedure. 

The machine is also built to be smart enough to respond appropriately to certain erroneous condition, such as when it encounters a form of barrier or resistance.

Aside from making the medical procedure more comfortable for patients, the measure also seeks to mitigate the probability of infection between the medical representative and the patient by limiting physical interactions. 

Source: Reuters

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