Google ‘SkinMarks’ smart tattoo is putting the touchpad on your skin


Google is once again trying to be ahead of the competition by coming up with innovative ideas in wearable tech.

While the company did not see success from the recently flopped Google Glass, it did not serve as a strong enough deterrence for it to pursue other lofty goals—such as what CNET reported as a slew of groundbreaking wearable tech, most especially a tech tattoo that functions as an input peripheral.

Referred to as “SkinMarks,” the developing technology is said to be designed to make interaction with technology feel more natural. With a particular application on the fingers and other parts of the hands, the contraption employs sensors that adapt to common instinctive motor functions, such as the bending of the finger and the clenching of the fist.

Aside from proving itself a leader in the tech space, especially against the likes of Apple and Facebook, part of Google’s pursuance over its latest endeavor is to pioneer a new class of information, which it could collect first-hand with great profitability.

To date, Google is already reaping an annual revenue of $160 billion from targeted advertising alone. Should it succeed in its newest undertaking, it could see the giant tech company earning far more.

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