GoPro just announced three of their newest action cameras. What we have here is the high-end GoPro Hero7 Black, a more affordable Hero7  Silver, and the entry-level Hero7 White.

Let’s go straight ahead and talk about the GoPro Hero7 Black, the most exciting model of the bunch. This new camera brags the new HyperSmooth Stabilization technology, which GoPro claims can deliver gimbal-like stabilization all by itself.

It can record 4K videos at 60fps, with an uncompromised bitrate of 78Mbps. Being the high-end model, it has other exclusive features like live streaming, an input for an external microphone, and a removable battery.

The Hero7 Black uses a 12-megapixel sensor, can shoot pictures in RAW, record slow-mo videos at 1080p/250fps and a chassis that can be submerged by up to 10m of water. It will have a retail price of USD399 (~Php21,600).


Next stop, we have the GoPro Hero7 Silver. This thing comes with a 10-megapixel sensor and can record 4K videos at 30fps. It comes with its own electronic video stabilization, but not as good as the HyperSmooth on the Black edition.

The camera is also GPS-enabled, which allows you to track your distance, speed and more. There’s also the water protection by up to 10m, 2x slow-mo recording, voice control, and a 2-inch touchscreen. It will be available for USD299 (~Php16,200).


Lastly, we have the GoPro Hero7 White. Obviously, this is the cheapest model of the bunch. It can’t shoot in 4K, but can still do 1080p videos at 60fps. The GPS capability has also been removed to keep the price down.

However, the 2-inch touchscreen remains and the voice control. It also has a built-in video stabilization and a 10-meter water protection. The Hero7 White will be available for USD199 (~Php10,800).

It’s also worth noting that all three new cameras support portrait orientation when recording videos, which is suitable for creators who publish their content in Instagram’s IGTV platform.

All three GoPro Hero7 models are now up for pre-order. It will then be available in the international market starting September 27.

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