Finally, a bit of good news for graphics cards. Reports suggest that GPU prices are dropping — to the dismay of crypto miners and traders. Why? Read on.

The drop was caused as a chain reaction to the recent dip in crypto prices. If you haven’t noticed, both Bitcoin and Ethereum prices have dropped significantly recently. They are currently valued at about USD30,000 and USD2,2000, respectively, which is almost half of their highest values.


What’s alarming is, this isn’t just a sudden dip as crypto prices have been dropping steadily over the past month. On the upside, this has resulted in a chain reaction that affected GPU pricing.

As per Tom’s Hardware, GPU prices have dropped by as low as 11% on eBay. On average, prices are down by 5% or more, while some hotshots like the RTX 3090, 10GB RTX 3080, and RX 6600 have fallen by as much as 10%.

However, GPU volume is also down, at least on eBay. Only the RTX 3070 Ti and RTX 3090 sell more cards currently than last month.

The AMD Radeon RX 6600 is the biggest loser, whose price dropped by 11.6% at USD518.66 from USD589.89. Not great, but easily one of the best you can get considering the state of the market.

Via: Tom’s Hardware

We expect prices to drop further as we’re not seeing crypto prices recovering anytime soon. Hopefully, the prices further stabilize so more markets can feel it.

Via: Tom’s Hardware

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