The Lightning Cable has been on Apple smartphones since the iPhone 5. Love it or hate it, but it’s one of the main things that separates the iPhones from other mobile devices.

Albeit, there’s no denying how annoying Lightning Cables can be at times. Other than how fragile the included cables are, it’s hard to have a device that uses a proprietary cable when you’re out of juice and you’re at a friend’s house that isn’t an iPhone user. Also, having a dedicated cable for one particular product means extra e-waste, which the USB-C is trying to solve.


That said, people have been clamoring for years for Apple to switch to USB Type-C for the iPhones. Our hopes went up when Apple did the “courageous” thing by going USB-C all the way on the newer Macs. Even the latest iPads are now Type-C.

However, it looks like the iPhone line will not be getting the same treatment — at least officially.


YouTube channel called Kenny Pi uploaded a video last October 9 showcasing a DIY-ed iPhone X with a working USB Type-C port. You can watch the full video above.

It is a quick 40-second video, and Kenny Pi promised a full and detailed run-through that would give a comprehensive look at how he did it. But from what we’re seeing from the short clip, it involved 3D printing, soldering, and complex wiring.

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