The US sanctions have been pretty much effective at making Huawei suffer. Sales are down. Device production is also down. The lack of Google services has alienated many users. It seems the Chinese company is now getting desperate that its CEO is reportedly considering abandoning its hardware business and totally switch to software development.

Per an internal memo, founder and CEO Ren Zhengfei has stated that Huawei should become a serious software company, because according to him the US has no control over the software industry. Doing so should allow the company to regain its independence and autonomy, Zhengfei explained.

Soon, we’ll know if Huawei is truly dead set on its all-out push into software. The company has recently released a teaser image on WeChat of a June 2 announcement about its HarmonyOS. Besides the operating system, Huawei has other software projects such as its AI computing framework called Mindspore.

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