Infinix Concept Phone 2021 with 160W charger that can go 0-100% in just 10 minutes revealed


Infinix is making quite a name for itself in the last few months. This time, they’re making noise again with the Infinix Concept Phone 2021.

The Infinix Concept Phone 2021 is made for one key reason: boast the brand’s 160W fast charging. It may not be as fast as Xiaomi’s 200W HyperCharge prototype, but still ludicrous enough to turn some heads. Infinix claims it can do a 0-100% charge on a 4,000mAh battery in only 10 minutes.


Infinix 160W Ultra Fast Charge works with a special 8C battery with 18% lower internal resistance than the usual 6C battery. The term “C” indicates how fast a lithium battery can be charged/discharged.

The brand also created Super Charge Pump that converts incoming power from the USB Type-C port to a voltage transported to the battery. It has a 98.6% efficiency — slightly higher than the 98% of OPPO’s 125W charging.


Achieving such charging speeds can have heat implications. This is why the Infinix Concept Phone 2021 has 20 temperature sensors scattered around the device. They ensure that the thermals don’t go beyond 40ºC.

If the thermals exceed, or if the device senses electromagnetic interference or higher voltage, a security protection system ramps up to protect the device from potential damage. The device is apparently rigged with 60 security protection mechanisms.


The 160W adapter is built on a Gallium Nitrate (GaN) and Silicon Carbide (SiC) semiconductor to keep things efficient and compact. It also has tons of protocol support so that it can work on laptops and other devices.

It also has 50W wireless charging. You can check the Infinix 160W Ultra Flash Charge demoed above.

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