Cherry Mobile is probably one of the leading mobile manufacturer in the country. We have seen them step up their smartphone game by releasing the new Flare line-up, which have some powerful muscle inside, and everything wrapped in an all-metal body. Furthermore, the company now also offers some pretty premium accessories, that doesn’t break the bank.

First we have is a 2A quick charger. A Quick Charger that supports 5V input devices. To put things simple, the acronym “A” stands for Amperes, which is an electric current measurement. The higher the Amperes of a charger, the faster it can fill up the juice of your device. The usual charger that is packaged with any device is a 1A, which can recharge the device longer, in contrast to a 2A one. Cherry Mobile’s 2A does instantly fill-up your smartphones; it works even better with powerbanks, which has a larger battery capacity. The 2A adaptor and microUSB cable package is retailed at only Php599.

Next is the Cherry Mobile in-ear headphones. This accessory can go head-to-head with Xiaomi’s renowned Piston headphones with its solid construction, tangle-free cables and a solid inline microphone with a single button for control. What makes Cherry Mobile’s offering stand out is its competitive price tag of only Php199. Way cheaper than the Piston’s Php849 price tag.

Sound quality wise, this thing also doesn’t disappoint. For the price tag, the headphones delivers decent bass, perfect for all those EDMs and some Pop. Treble is also clean for some Alternative Rock to Metal jams. The volume can also be cranked up to the extremes, although expect some distortion as you push this budget headphones to its limits.

These accessories do really delivers for its cheap price tag. Cherry Mobile is giving you the option to purchase a legit and branded product, so you don’t have to deal with those pirated and fake product that you see in your local palengke or tiangge; which is known for its defective and inferior quality. Trust me, you don’t wanna take the risk of burning your house down by acquiring a rip-off charger; or constantly purchasing a Php100 headphones that surely wouldn’t last for months.

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