Yes, the update is coming to both platforms, the list of what’s new is enough to make any WP8 users shout, “It’s over 9000!”. For Windows 8 users, that means You’re being bumped up to Windows 8.1. For existing Windows 8.1 users, you also get new features.

  • Third column of Live Tiles on the Start Screen.
  • Use a picture as a wallpaper that can shine through your system tiles.
  • Action Center, where you only need one swipe to take you to the settings and notifications.
  • WordFlow Keyboard, which gives you Swype-like typing.
  • Business support, which gives you Office for Windows Phone built as well as a slew of new enterprise features that make work safe and easier to access.
  • Install apps to MicroSD memory card – This, IMHO, is one of the best updates!
  • Enhanced Nokia Camera and renewed Camera Roll – easier access to the images, image editing software and sharing features without leaving the camera app, while Camera Roll enables you to reframe and zoom in high resolution directly.
  • Speaking of image editing, we also get Adobe Photoshop Express and Creative Studio 6 (CS6) for powerful image editing on your phone.
  • Updated Storyteller app and Living Images – Lumia 1520 users will benefit most with this.
  • Rich Recording with Surround Sound – record videos with Dolby Digital Plus 5.1 audio!
  • Manage all your accessories in an easy and fun way with the Nokia Device Hub.
  • Bing’s Device Search enhances looking for stuff in your phone.
  • The browser gets bumped up to IE11
  • For the US users, they get the virtual assistant Cortana (yup, the one in Halo), for the rest of the world, we’ll have to pray that they bring her to us as well.

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The update’s been out since July 16, so you should have gotten the notification to update. If not, you can go to Settings -> Phone Update and check there manually.

[Source: Nokia Conversations]

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