A first look at the new MIUI 12 user interface


Owners of Xiaomi devices now have an idea on what their gadget’s Android skin will look like when they upgrade to MIUI 12, as the company may have leaked the appearance and design of the upcoming new version via the MiSettings beta app.

The folks at XDA Developers were the first to notice the UI changes after Xiaomi released a beta version of the MiSettings APK to its community forums. Xiaomi has since removed these changes in another beta release, but screenshots fortunately have been taken for our perusal.


Among the notable changes include an illustration of refresh rates, a new tab for the focus mode in the screen time settings, a different graph style to show the user’s weekly usage, a more visual approach on reporting the individual app usage time, and the addition of gray, rounded backgrounds for buttons. 

MIUI 12 is expected to be released later this year.


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