Mobilarian/Symbianize is officially shutting down for good


After proving its strong staying power that lasted more than a decade—even outlasting the likes of Friendster, MySpace, Multiply,—Mobilarian, formerly known as Symbianize, is finally closing its doors this time, for real.

Originally founded in 2006 as Symbianize, the platform has grown to become the Philippines’ go-to site on all things of interest, especially technology and software. 


Although some may accuse the platform as a hub for piracy, no one who participates in the overall scheme generates money in it. The platform itself has strict guidelines against revenue-making that borders on piracy. Everything is just laid out for free. 

Part of the Symbianize’s then-ongoing prominence boiled down to two things—the ability to inquire on many things and get responses from the community as well as the level of adherence everyone practices while in the forum. Essentially, it is both open and rigid at the same time.


Symbianize’s longstanding presence was originally pronounced to be cut short back in 2018 when the platform announced its “closure.” But the move turned out to be a step to just rebrand the forum to Mobilarian, subtly hinted with a hashtag, “#ChangeIsComing?”

All is fine and good for Mobilarian and its 1.4 million registered users following the rebranding, until 2020 came and the pandemic it brought with it. While the spreading disease is its overarching theme, part also of the change with the disastrous year is the disruption of the normal which paved way to the “new normal”.

However, this new standard of “normalcy” is not without its repercussions to society. Let alone to the platform, Mobilarian, which no longer sees sustainability in light of the lifestyle change.


To many’s disbelief, this motion might seem like a prank to stir the community for response. But we are already way beyond April for an “April Fool’s” joke and the upcoming Halloween, despite its quirks, is not it—the situation, however dismaying, is indeed real. Mobilarian’s own admin even took the position of the bearer of the bad news via a post to confirm it.

Consequently, as of yesterday, October 17, 2020, Mobilarian is officially closed down. While the site will remain accessible, which the admin claims will be the case for as long as possible, users will no longer be able to make new posts in it. 

It truly is a hard thing to swallow. But, as they say, even good things must come to an end. Mobilarian has just proved that to be the case, breaking the hearts of many.


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  1. thank you for this tribute article, Im a member since 2009 and this is sad, the site is a part of my routine, it is like losing your home, :(

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