Motorola showcased its bendable phone concept during the Lenovo Tech World 2023.

The Motorola bendable phone concept has a flexible pOLED screen that’s fairly adaptive. You can slap it on your wrist, or bend it at a 45-degree angle so it stands on its own.

Being a concept, Motorola didn’t have a detailed specs list for the device just yet. However, they did say it is a 6.9-inch screen with an FHD+ resolution, thick bezels, and a punch-hole for the selfie camera. The back has a fabric material for comfort.

It will use magnets to snap onto a metal cuff so it can securely stay on your wrists. It can run full Android apps and will have an interface similar to the Razr 40 series foldable.

Since you can wear it on your wrist, it can also work as a fashion statement. There’s the MotoAI that allows you to personalize the theme and wallpaper by taking a picture of your outfit to match it.

No word yet on what market-ready device the Motorola adaptive display concept will be first featured on or when it will be available.

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