It looks like air wireless charging technology is what will shake the tech industry this 2021.

A few hours ago, Xiaomi introduced its Mi Air Charge Technology that can wirelessly charge multiple devices across the room, even when you’re on the move. Now, Lenovo-owned Motorola has also demonstrated their own take on the technology. You can check out the video below.

But unlike Xiaomi’s side table-like machine, Motorola’s device is a little smaller, almost the size of a computer speaker.

It also has a shorter range. On the upside, the tech Motorola demoed used actual units, possibly a modified versions of the Motorola Edge.

The video shows two smartphones, pointed directly to the charging device, with 80cm and 100cm distance, respectively. Both devices charge immediately while in line-of-sight of the same charging device. However, once introduced with an obstruction, the charging instantly stops.

It will be called Motorola One Hyper, and unlike Xiaomi’s proprietary technology, this one uses the Qi standard. Albeit, it’s obviously better. As per Motorola, it could charge up to seven smartphones simultaneously.

The charging speeds for the Motorola Hyper One and how the technology actually works are yet to be revealed. No pricing or release date, too.

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