President Rodrigo Duterte pondered on Monday why Facebook should be allowed to operate in the Philippines after the social network recently took down several accounts and pages with pro-government advocacy and alleged links to the police and military.

In a televised address, Duterte begged the question of why Facebook be allowed in the country if the government cannot use it for the benefit of the people.  He then accused the social network of helping communists and believing accusations from critics and the opposition. “You cannot lay down a policy for my government,” Duterte said. 


According to Facebook, fake accounts in the Philippines that had affiliations with the police and military were removed for their engagement in “coordinated inauthentic behavior.” These accounts, made to appear as if they belonged to legitimate individuals, were part of two networks that had been disseminating sentiments belligerent towards the opposition, activism and communism.

The next day, Presidential spokesman clarified that President Duterte just want to talk to Facebook and there are no plans of banning the popular social media network in the Philippines.

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