It looks like like NVIDIA has no plans of entering the smartphone chip market anytime soon.

A few days ago, AMD CEO Lisa Su teased its partnership with mobile giant Samsung. The two companies will work to bring ray-tracing to an Exynos mobile chipset.

Now, NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang said that this might not be the right time for his company to do the same.

Ray tracing games are quite large, to be honest. The data set is quite large, and there’ll be a time for it,

NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang

Huang added that, when the time is right, they may consider to do such move.

Instead of fully diving into a new field, NVIDIA wants to utilize what they already have to reach mobile gamers: GeForce Now.

For those who are not familiar, NVIDIA GeForce Now is a cloud gaming service that came out last year.

Huang said that this is how they like to reach Android users, and even Chrome devices, macOS, iOS, and even Linux. Unlike what AMD did, GeForce Now can be used not just on mobile phones but also on computers and TVs.


However, Huang did say that: “I think that’s for us, right now, that’s the best strategy.”, hinting that they are not closing its doors in the idea of putting more powerful GPU on mobile chipsets.

As per the CEO, GeForce Now already has 10 million users from 70 countries and boasts 1,000 games in its library from 300 publishers.

Source: ZDNet

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