As far as landline services go, PLDT is the only one to offer an online landline service through the PLDT Home Telpad. The Telpad has had a number of iterations over the years, and now it’s getting a much-needed spec bump in the form of a quad core processor.

The processor in question is a RockChip RK3188A quad core ARM Cortex-A9 chip clocked at 1.6GHz. It’s coupled with a Mali 400 GPU that handles video and renders in-game graphics. It’s a much more capable processor compared to previous Telpad models and allows you to enjoy a wide range of games and applications the way they were meant to be enjoyed.


The rest of the Telpad QS’ configuration is pretty similar to its predecessor, the Telpad Dual S. It comes with a 7 inch WSVGA IPS display, 1GB RAM and 8GB of internal storage. It sports the same dual camera setup (3mp rear, VGA front), 4,100mAh battery capacity, and even runs on the same version of Android 4.1.2.

In addition to the spec bump, the Telpad QS and other Telpad models will be enjoying more content too. Doug Kramer was at the Telpad QS launch event and was there to demo access to a wide array of songs through Smart’s Spinnr music service, games through EA Games, blockbuster movies from Clickplay, and the latest news, information from News5 Everywhere, and fresh new Asian telenovelas and Tagalog-dubbed anime through MyPinoyTV. Doug and the rest of the Kramer household are actually the online ambassadors for PLDT Home.


Of course, PLDT Home isn’t stopping there. It has plans for even more content in the future, such as digital publications, educational apps, and more entertainment apps. There is also a VoIP service in the works.

Need more information on the PLDT Telpad? Learn more over at You can also check out their Facebook page and follow them on Twitter @PLDTHome.

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  1. Tsk any bgall ng WiFi sabi upgrade 5mbps tapos ms bumagal pa …. Ngtelpad kmi pero andaming ndi compatible na apps LA kwenta syang LNG pera niyo weak specs tsk

  2. It’s actually much worse than the previous Telpad model (Huawei S7 Slim) because they changed the storage from unified storage to the old storage system used by earlier android devices where the application storage and internal storage for misc content are separated. I highly doubt PLDT can fix this.