Qualcomm buys chip startup founded by former Apple engineers


Qualcomm has acquired Nuvia, a two-year-old startup that focuses on processor design. But what’s more interesting about the company is that it’s founded by three former Apple engineers.

Gerard Williams III, John Bruno and Manu Gulati are industry veterans in processor design. They’re the genius behind several Apple processors, from the A7 to A14. They’ve also had a hand in many Cortex cores at ARM and have been in other tech companies such as Google, ATI, Texas Instruments and Broadcom.

Not long after they founded Nuvia in 2019, they unveiled their first-generation processor known as the Phoenix. Per Geekbench 5, it beats Apple cores and other contemporary CPUs while consuming less power.  

Recognizing their talent, Qualcomm bought Nuvia for $1.4 billion. The former will be using its acquisition to increase its competitiveness in CPU performance. Maybe we’ll finally see a Qualcomm chip in the near feature that doesn’t lag behind Apple’s smartphone processors.

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