There’s no denying that mobile gaming is one of the main reasons why people want a capable smartphone for the price. So to further tap this market, Realme brought gaming accessories in the country: the Realme Cooling Back Clip and game finger sleeves.

The Realme Cooling Back Clip is essentially a cooling fan you attach to the back of your phone. For those who are unfamiliar, thermals can actually affect a device’s performance, so it’s important to keep it cool as much as possible, especially when gaming.


As per Realme, this accessory has a 1-second rapid cooling for instant effect. There’s a thermal silicon pad (two included) that you point on the back of your phone, preferably where the chipset is located.

It then comes with a low-noise and vibration-free fan, and since it’s a gaming product, it comes with a colorful lamp effect.


The Realme Cooling Back Clip is compatible with any smartphone but must be plugged in via USB Type-C since it doesn’t come with a battery. You can get it now at Realme’s official Shopee store for Php1,590.

Next stop, we have the Realme Mobile Game Finger Sleeves. This 0.25mm thin, superconducting electric silver fiber sleeve increases the conductivity and sensitivity of your every touch when gaming.


It has a one-piece design that eliminates hooking for piling, has spin covering yarn technology, a four-dimensional elastic design to fit any finger sizes, and a thermal fused seamless interface so it cannot be easily stripped to last you up to 10 years.

This finger sleeves come in twos and is now available on Shopee for Php240.

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