Paying the full price of the Lenovo Legion Phone Duel upfront is not an option for most consumers, but there are ways to get the phone and pay for it gradually. Home Credit, for one, is offering installment payments for both Blazing Blue and Vengeance Red variants with various options available.

For the Lenovo Legion Phone Duel Blazing Blue, Home Credit offers three installment options:

  • Php1,804.00 monthly for 12 months
  • Php1,443.00 monthly for 15 months
  • Php1,203.00 monthly for 18 months

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The Lenovo Legion Phone Duel Vengeance Red, on the other hand, is being offered with these installment options:

  • Php2,405.00 monthly for 12 months
  • Php1,924.00 monthly for 15 months
  • Php1,603.00 monthly for 18 months.

Any of these installment options will come with a 30-percent minimum downpayment.

For reference, the full price of Phone Duel Blazing Blue and Vengeance Red is currently Php34,995 and Php44,995, respectively.

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