Repower Energy Development Corporation is pioneering the use of seawater pumped energy storage projects in the Philippines.

The Makati-based renewable energy developer announced on June 1 that it signed a memorandum of agreement with Gugler Water Turbines GMBH, a turbine technology company based in Austria for projects involving seawater pumped storage hydroelectricity.

Seawater pumped storage utilizes the potential energy of seawater. It involves pumping seawater from a lower reservoir to a higher reservoir during periods of low energy demand and excess electricity generation. The stored seawater is released during periods of higher demand and flows down through turbines to generate electricity.

The Philippine government has set a goal to raise the proportion of renewable energy in its power generation mix to 35 percent by 2030. To help accomplish this objective and establish a consistent and sustainable energy supply for the nation, the utilization of seawater pumped storage in combination with renewable energy sources will play a significant role.

The first of Repower’s seawater pumped energy storage projects will be in the Luzon region and aim to generate 320 megawatts of power. The company has determined the required elevation for the higher reservoir to be approximately 300 meters above sea level. Meanwhile, the lower reservoir will be at the coastline for limitless intake of seawater.

The company is already eyeing a specific location in Luzon for the project and is working with the local government and indigenous communities there to establish a pilot facility that can generate 50 megawatts.

Via: PhilStar

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