The primary reason why a lot of Filipinos go on a prepaid plan mobile networks instead of a monthly billing is that it has less hassle and carries more burden. I used the word “burden” because sometimes we don’t need cellphone loads and doesn’t consume too much at all. Yes, there are times that we really need it but most of the time, it is just there waiting to be consumed. So, why get a stylish postpaid plan?

smart-freedom-planA new innovative creation from Smart, the Smart Freedom Plan, takes us into a whole new different world of postpaid subscription. The Freedom Plan gives the long-awaited flexibility in a postpaid plan. If you’ll subscribe to this one, you will only pay what you’ve used in a month, and if you haven’t consumed any – then your bill is Php0. That’s like having a prepaid card right in your pocket, and its automatically loaded.

Once you’ve reached Php600 in a month, it will be capped in to keep you from being charged too much. Also, a text message reminder will be sent to your mobile number once it reached the Php300 usage so you can track your balance. If ever you’ll hit the Php600 mark, you first need to pay your invoice before you can continue with the plan. Otherwise, it will just continue its progress. An upgrade to the Php600 cap can also be done provided that you’ve been a good and paying customer.

I think this move by Smart targets the students and simple employees who are in low-budget with regards to their load. Almost anyone can apply easily to Smart Freedom Plan as it only need a single requirement, either a valid school or company ID.

As an introduction to the Smart Freedom Plan, they offer 15 services for you to choose from. I’ve listed it as 1) Service name, 2) Keyword, and 3) Price. The description lies just beneath the names. To register, all you need to do is to text KEYWORD and send it to 9990 (ex. ALLTXT100 send to 9990). Pick your Smart Freedom Plan promo below.

Smart Freedom Plan

Text Promos

ALL Text 100 – ALLTXT100 – P100

  • 1000 all net SMS + 75 mb (valid for 15 days)

UnliText TRIO – TRITXT200 – P200

  • unlimited tri-net SMS

ALL Text 200 – ALLTXT200 – P200

  • 2000 all net SMS + 150 mb (valid for 30 days)

UnliText TRIO – TRITXT350 – P350

  • unlimited tri-net SMS

Call Promos

Trio Talk – TALK150 – P150

  • 150 tri-net mins (valid for 15 days)

UnliTalk – UNLITALK – P500

  • UNLITALK (valid for 30 days)

Combo Promos

Unli Call & Text Combo – CT400 – P400

  • unlimited on-net text and calls + 60 mins. Sun calls (valid for 15 days)
TRI NET 200 – COMBO200 – P200
  • 1000 all net SMS + 250 tri-net mins + 75 mb
TRI NET 400 – COMBO400 – P400
  • 2000 all net SMS + 500 tri-net mins + 150 mb (valid for 30 days)
Unli Call & Text Combo 600 – CT600 – P600
  • unlimited on-net text and calls + 90 mins. Sun calls

Mobile Surfing Promos

Blackberry BBM Only – BBM ON – P150
  • Blackberry Messenger + 30 mins. on-net calls
Blackberry Email – BB EMAIL – P300
  • unlimited Blackberry email
Blackberry Full – BB FULL – P1200
  • unlimited Blackberry services (valid for 30 days)
UnliSurf – SURF – P1000
  • unlimited mobile Internet

IDD Services

Call to All – CALL250 – P250
  • 100 mins. voice calls to Smart/Globe/Sun/Landline US/Canada/HK/SG (valid for 15 days)

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  1. I just applied for this plan, smart requires a valid I.D. with your address, otherwise you need to bring a billing statement as well.

  2. Hello Guys! I’m a Social Media Specialist from SMART. I can help you switch to SMART. Follow me @SMART_Myka if you have any questions :) #TimeToChange

    1. hi myka! im planning to switch to smart. actually i already have the SAF what is the easiest way pra ma approve ung postpaid plan?

    2. Hi Myka, will I be able to retain my Smart prepaid number? Everybody already knows my Smart number, and all my calling cards and contact info out there has my Smart prepaid number. But I think this is a good move by Smart. I am very allergic to postpaid plans but I am seriously considering getting this plan. I like how it doesn’t have a set amount that you need to pay every month because my usage fluctuates a lot! If I can retain my number, I’ll gladly try out this postpaid plan. Thanks.

    3. hi myka… pano po magregister sa freedom load… can i know the exect code and where to send it..


    1. I think limit will be increased to 1200, will require additional documents, I think, just verify :)

  3. I think this is a good move for Smart. Now I’m thinking of availing their postpaid services. :) Thanks for sharing.