If you don’t want to get an LTE plan because of its hefty price, then take a look at this new offering from SMART. But before you collect your papers and go out to apply for the said plan, you should take a look on the conditions and cap. Yes, if you want to avail of this cheap offer, you need to bear with the cap.

The speed is advertised to hit up to 42Mbps but the bandwidth cap is… 5GB. Yeah, that’s relatively low considering the speed that you’ll be getting. The 5GB will be sufficient enough if you’ll just use it on casual browsing but if you’re fond of downloading files on the web, the 5GB won’t get you excited.


This one is intended for budget conscious people who don’t want to spend several thousands just for an internet connection. It’s very similar to¬†LTE Broadband Plans 3500 and 1749 but with a lesser bandwidth allocation. Still, I think the high speed connection is useless if you have a very limited connectivity. Oh, before deciding to get this plan, go check out this page to see the locations that have access to Smart’s LTE service.

What do you think? Will you take on this offer? IMHO, the speed is very tempting but the bandwidth is a real major culprit. I believe its best if we’ll just wait for the pricing to settle down so that we can get a more reasonable deal. But if you don’t download often, then this one’s good enough for you.

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  1. Is there a limited cap for LTE 995? cause I don’t know if I will take the 1200 UNLISURF or the LTE 995 Unlimited surf.

    1. Di mo ba binasa? 5GB yung 1200, yung 1749 ay 10GB lang at saka yung 3500 ay 21GB. Ang ibig mong sabihin siguro ay “limited bandwidth cap”. Yang 995 mo 2GB lang yan. lol. Kung downloader ka, na alam nating dalawa na oo, mas mabuti pa mag pa dsl ka nalang sa PLDT. Re-enroll muna tayo sa skwela ‘tol.