Suncellular has unveiled their newest offerings that aims get them back on track to compete with Globe Telecom. The telco has been known for their value-driven and bang for buck offers ever since their emergence in 2004 and it did made a lot of impact to push where the industry is today.

I’ve been a Sun subscriber for more than 8 years now and I have to say that I’ve been pretty satisfied. Back then, unlimited texting and calling are still expensive but Sun decided to give their subscribers awesome deals. I used to use TU50 (unli texts and 60 minutes calls) and TU150 (unli text + 4 hours calls) every week/month for years. Aside from that, they also give 8 free texts to all networks every Php50 worth of reload so I accumulated tons of free texts that I was able to use for my friends on other networks. But my most favorite promo back in the day was TU200, which gives the same consumables as the TU150 but with 500 texts to other networks.

Sun understands that most of their consumers stick to them because of their excellent service and practical offers so they’re back with several new promos.

Sun Plan 450


This plan have all the basics covered with unlimited texts and calls to Sun networks with 250 texts to all networks. There’s also 20 hours of mobile data open access throughout the month. But not only that, you can also get a free android phone. When compared to its Globe Plan 499 counterpart, it beats it by a mile because it only has unlimited texting to its own network and no allocation for other networks. There’s also mobile app package available but its limited to 1 app only. Check out the table below for a better look.


For more details, visit the Sun website here.



This prepaid promo is definitely one of the bet value deals out there. For only Php100, you’ll get unlimited texting to all networks and unlimited calls to Smart, Sun and Talk n’ Text for 7 days. You can also surf every once in a while thanks to the 100MB free mobile data access.

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One of the new Plans is the Surf Plan 450, which gives unlimited all-month access to Facebook, Twitter, Chat, and Email. For the streaming and downloads, a 1GB allocation is also provided.

You can get the option to subscribe to a SIM only Plan with a 3-month lock-in period or get a mobile pocket WiFi for a cash-out of Php1,199 with a holding period of 6 months.



For those who don’t need to be online all the time, non-stop Surf 25 is perfect with its 25MB of open access to websites and apps plus 300MB of Spinnr service.

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  1. Thinking of switching to Sun after reading this. Grabe laki ng difference in face value and inclusions. Tubong lugaw Globe haha

    1. Yes, judging by the article title … or he’s just a blogger who doesn’t have doesn’t have the professionalism of a true journalist.