Sun has announced their newest treat to all their Prepaid and Postpaid subscribers nationwide – free Facebook!

Facebook has been one of the main forms of communication people use to talk to their family, friends and loved ones. With that, Sun makes it easier for people to enjoy it by giving free data access to their users without any additional fees. Smart and Talk ‘N Text subscribers can also avail FREE FB on their phones.

“Sun gives you the best-value for money options with its wide range of feature-packed plans and promos,” said Sun Vice President Joel Lumanlan.  And now, with this offer, Sun strengthens its line-up of already compelling services so that all your communication needs are covered – from calls, texts, mobile Internet and this time staying in touch with your family and friends on Facebook.”

How to Get Sun Free Facebook?


To start, simply toggle the switch on the top right corner of your device. After that, you can go on and post status updates, comments, group posts, and even messages – all without incurring data charges. In case you want to see photos and videos, you will be promptly notified that you are accessing such features so there’s no surprise charges. Turn the toggle to Paid and you can start using the fully featured Facebook.

The promo works on all mobile and smartphones with data capability. Update your Facebook app or visit to start using the service.

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