An app called Sunbird, slated to arrive in 2023, could finally bring Apple’s iMessage to Android devices.

Sunbird, which is currently in closed beta testing, has a claim-to-fame of being the first and only fully-featured iMessage app for Android. Unlike other solutions, it doesn’t need a server, desktop software, or an Apple device. All you need is an Apple ID.

Like the actual iMessage app on iPhones and other Apple products, Sunbird has encryption, group chats, reactions, tapbacks, read receipts, live-typing indicators, and full-quality video and photo sharing.

As per the team behind the app, the iMessage service is their main focus right now as they saw how many people are using Google search terms like “iMessage on Android.”


But other than iMessage, Sunbird also wants to be a unified messaging app that can also accommodate Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, SMS text messages, and others.

In the future, the company will also include other messaging services like Telegram, RCS, Instagram Direct Messaging, Slack, Signal, and Discord.

The creators also reassured everyone that they won’t store personal data or login information as all messages will have end-to-end encryption. Except for SMS, which doesn’t support the said security feature.

Sunbird is sending out invitations to join its closed beta group. They target a public release at mid-2023.

Via: Apple Insider

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