Texas Instruments steps up its graphing calculator game by introducing a new one with Python programming built-in.

The new Texas Instruments Ti-84 Plus CE Python graphing calculator boasts a colored screen and a rechargeable battery that can apparently last for a full month.


So why would you want to learn Python on a calculator? Texas Instruments explains that, since it doesn’t have smart features like WiFi, Bluetooth, or a camera, you can learn so without any distractions.


However, it’s been previously reported that advanced calculators like this can be programmed for test cheating. Hence they removed assembly and C support through software update. Albeit, it did annoy a lot of enthusiasts and hobbyists.

Let’s say that Texas Instruments have resolved such issues, having Python on a device like this is actually pretty cool. As some of you know, it’s been one of the most popular programming languages for a long time. It’s also cheaper and more accessible for those who want to learn basic programming.


The official price for this fancy new calculator is yet to be known, but judging by its complex new feature, it may costs dramatically higher than other offerings from Texas Instruments.

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