From Office 365, Microsoft has introduced Windows 365. It’s expected to be a big hit to businesses and enterprises as it can give access to Cloud PCs from anywhere. Users can essentially remotely access a full Windows 10 or Windows 11 virtual PC using a web browser.

After its initial release, Microsoft has now revealed the prices for its Windows 365 service. It will come in two editions: Business and Enterprise.

The business plan has a limit of 300 users. A “Windows Hybird Benefit” feature will give those who already have existing cloud licenses a discount. You can check their prices below.

  • USD24/mo, or USD20/mo with Hybrid Benefit: Single virtual core, 2GB RAM, 64GB storage
  • USD162/mo, or USD158/mo with Hybrid Benefit: Eight virtual cores, 32GB RAM, 512GB storage

Meanwhile, the price for Windows 365 Enterprise will be similar to the Business’s discounted price since the Windows Hybrid Benefit is not available here.

Companies and organizations can pick the storage size via an admin panel. The Cloud PC can then be accessed by members on any web browsers on Windows, macOS, Linus, and even mobile devices such as Android, iOS, and iPadOS.

We’ll update this article once we have the confirmed Windows 365 prices in the Philippines.

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