US companies now allowed to supply chips to Huawei, but in one condition


Huawei is finally getting good news from all this US-ban saga. Just recently, it’s been revealed that the United States government has allowed chipset manufacturers to supply the Chinese tech giant.

However, it comes with a large caveat. The United States agreed to this term for as long as the supplies are not for Huawei’s 5G business.

This is a big deal because, as you know, 5G technology is where the tech industry is at right now. Especially for Huawei, who was known as one of the pioneers in 5G connectivity in the world.

Still, this may serve as a lifeline to the struggling tech company. Its smartphone business — which is one of the US ban’s main casualties — can now recover.

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Other than semicon companies, reports suggest that Sony and Omnivision also got the approval to provide CMOS image sensors to Huawei.

More than 300 companies like Samsung, Qualcomm, and MediaTek have also applied for a license, which may get approved in the coming weeks or months.

Via: GizmoChina

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