Pop up cameras, however innovative, is slowly going out of trend, while under-display cameras are gaining the spotlight. But Vivo seems keen to disrupt this vogue as it revolutionizes the concept of the pop-up camera by adding a detachable element twist to it.

Initially spotted as part of Red Dot Design’s listing, the Vivo IFEA Camera Mobilephone gives the unique functionality of a detachable camera from a pop-up standpoint which render for a variety of uses. 


When employed, the removable camera allows for remote shooting, can work seamlessly with other cameras of its kind as a multi-cam setup, and even be used to gather different perspective (POVs).

The module connects to the phone via a magnetic port and is slated to be complemented with various accessories for different functions.

While the detachable design only renders the module vulnerable to getting lost or misplaced, Vivo is trying to mitigate the situation by giving the user notification whenever the camera is detached from the phone itself for extended periods. 

Via: SparrowNews

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