Fancy some robots? Dinosaurs?

This might sound weird but if your answers to both questions are yes, then Henn na Hotel in Urayasu, suburban Tokyo is the one for you. Henn na Hotel is staffed by guess what? Robo-dinos.

Upon entering Henn na Hotel, robot dinosaurs wearing bellboy hats will welcome you by bellowing “Welcome”. Through tablet system, customers may choose which language they prefer to communicate with.

It might really sound weird but that’s definitely the point at Henn na (which actually means ‘weird’) – the world’s first hotel staffed by robots.


Front desk staff are two dinosaurs like those in Jurassic Park, but with bellboy hats and each room is staffed with mini-robots that looked like Star Wars droid BB-8 which helps customers from changing channels to playing music.

According to Yukio Nagai, some of the customers find the hotel setup slightly frightening while other guests said the odd setup is the charm.

The first Henn na Hotel opened in 2015 at Nagasaki which was certified by Guiness World Record as the world’s first hotel with robots on its staff.

Today, the travel agency who manages the hotel holds 8 hotels across the country, all with robots in its staff – some are dinosaurs, but most take the humanoid shape.

But customers need not to worry since humans are also called to intervene whenever there are system glitches.

Source: Huffpost

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