xiaomi mi box 4

Thanks to the gaining popularity of video streaming services, people are now returning back to their living room. While most people now have Smart TVs, streaming players like the Mi Box are still a crowd favorite. Xiaomi recognized that so they launched two new products — the Mi Box 4 and 4c.

With the new Mi Boxes, you’re getting a slew of features that you might expect from a high-end streaming device. For one, the Xiaomi Mi Box 4 and 4c can play videos at 4k, with up to 60 frames-per-second, and HDR10 support.

xiaomi mi box 4c

There’s also going to be a DTS and Dolby Digital Plus audio, although it’s only exclusive to the more expensive Mi Box 4 variant. The Xiaomi Mi Box 4C also lacks Bluetooth connectivity and will only have 1GB of RAM, which is only half of the 2GB memory of the Mi Box 4.

They will also be rocking a new Amlogic quad-core processor and both will run under a custom MIUI interface. Xiaomi is also saying that it will have artificial intelligence so it can study your viewing habits to improve its suggestions.

The Xiaomi Mi Box 4 will retail for CNY349 (~PHP2,900) while the Mi Box 4c will be at CNY249 (~PHP2,000). It will go on sale in China beginning February 1st.

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