A couple of days back, news came out that Xiaomi is blocking users running on MIUI China ROM from installing Google Mobile Services. Now, the company has released an official statement.

Through a spokesperson’s Weibo page, the statement — written in Chinese — has four different points addressing the issue. You can check the statement below, with the rough Google Translation next to it.


As you can see, it appears that the aforementioned news is just a rumor that came from an unofficial Xiaomi group with a community of fans.

However, while they said that the GMS framework is built-in on select devices sold in China, it may not be the case anymore.

With that, there’s a chance that Chinese consumers, and those from other countries who import Xiaomi phones from China to be first owners, may not be able to side-load Google Mobile Services on future devices.

In fact, Xiaomi may have already started updating select devices to remove the GMS framework. Albeit, Xiaomi may put back the said framework if there’s a demand.

On the upside, Xiaomi clarified that international and global versions of their devices will not be affected.

Via: GizmoChina

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