YouTube, the leading video sharing service in the entire internet, got substantially renovated. The website not only redid their logo but also added new features to the actual service.

The new logo looks a bit more contemporary and modern. The signature Red Play Button now has its official place on the logo. It’s now sitting beside the “YouTube” branding, dressed in a new font.


But more than having a redesigned logo, YouTube is also updating their service with new features. While some of these additions have already been available a few weeks back, this announcement makes everything official. Furthermore, YouTube is also sharing other features that will come with it.

For one, the mobile app has a new design to improve both the looks and ease-of-use. You can also double tap a video to either rewind or fast forward it for 10 seconds. You can either slow down or speed up a video; discover related content while the video is playing.


Probably the best update is the support for vertical and square videos. The app will adapt to the format of the video playing to deliver the best viewing experience.

Of course, YouTube is also making changes to the desktop version. From now on, YouTube will be using Material Design. This is design language that Google uses in their other products like Search, Docs, and even Android itself.

YouTube is also plugging the website’s Dark Theme mode. This turns the background in dark to provide a more cinematic look while watching videos.

To check out YouTube’s latest looks and features, you can now visit their website now. You can also go to Google Play or the App Store to update the YouTube app to unlock the new features.

Source: YouTube

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